Boy No Longer Autistic Due to Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free Diet



One year old boy Ethan was diagnosed with Autism in 2006, which affected Ethan’s sleep. He couldn’t sleep more than 2 hours- at day or night. Twenty months later, his mom ejected grain and diary from his diet. Three days later, this resulted with Ethan’s sleeping through the night.

Sometimes the stomach-brain connection can improve after changing diet. Children with autism have higher level of antibodies that are reacting to the gluten included in grain. The antibodies are considering gluten as foreign object in the organism. According to study children with autism are having higher levels of IgG antibody to giladin, compared with unrelated healthy controls (p<0.01). In another study 15 autistic kids were putted on gluten-free diet for 3 months. There weren’t any essential findings, but few parents reported improvements. In third study, before the research 5 patients had higher amount of antibodies to casein which is milk protein, or gluten. After the diet, there was diminishing in urinary peptide secretion, improvements in some behaviors and decrease in epileptic seizures.

Many people believe that autism can be healed with diet and that it is genetic. As you read, some children can be healed with switching diet and there are kids that don’t get any specific results. But it is worth trying. Approximately 50% of autistic kids have gastrointestinal problem. In some cases gluten and casein are boosting the immune response which causes inflammation. Some of them have allergy to nuts, soy or eggs and are having the same immune response on those foods. Whether you have autism or not, once the organism is triggered, the mind will be affected. No matter if your child has autism, elimination diet can be very important.