Want To Melt The Fat From The Stomach Till The Summer? This Is The Real Recipe For You!



Not coincidentally this drink is globally known and popular for weight loss few years back.

Businessman Dave Asprej introduced the drink to the public, called “Bulletproof” coffee.

The drink is full of calories and can replace a meal, but he claims that this drink helped him off 40 pounds.

When you drink this energy bomb, you probably won’t be hungry for the next three hours.

The secret of this drink is the high concentration of fat that extend the effect of caffeine, so though you feel satiety and increase energy.

There are different versions of this popular cafe, and this time we present you the original recipe.


– 1 spoon Nescafé

– ½ spoon cocoa or a few drops aroma of vanilla

– 1дл almond milk

– 1дл boiled water

– 1 spoon organic coconut oil


Take your favorite cup of coffee, put instant coffee and cocoa and add boiling water.

Mix with Nescafé machine, and then add the warm almond milk. Finally add the spoon of coconut oil.

You will surely fell in love with this creamy drink at the first sip and believe us that you will be prepare it every morning.